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DateCity, StateAddressPriceBuyersSellers 
September 24, 2015Lee, MA460 Cooper Creek Rd$1,500,000Apfel, William H
Apfel, Ellen R
Firebaugh, Karen S
Smith, Jonathan W
More Info
June 27, 2018Lee, MA204 High St$166,500Aquino, Elizabeth M Gubbins, Margaret More Info
October 24, 2011Lee, MADevon Rd$250,000Arment, Francis P
Arment, Sharon L
Artig, Muriel S More Info
November 06, 2017Lee, MA880 East St #14A$160,000Aronson, Anne
Aronson, Gilbert
Jeanne Adler RET
Adler, Jeanne
More Info
June 27, 2012Lee, MAStockbridge Rd$89,000Arteaga-tucker, Liliana
Tucker, Matthew
Bush, Jason J
Bush, Marcia J
More Info
October 10, 2018Lee, MA85 Franklin St$282,500Backhaus, Samantha A
Villetto, Collette
Swift, Mary E
Swift, Thomas J
More Info
June 23, 2017Lee, MA1235 Pleasant St$275,000Bad Boys RT
Daley, Letishia
Drake, Gerald E More Info
April 30, 2018Lee, MA105 Stockbridge Rd$500,000Bagnasco, Douglas
Deblasi, James
Seymour D Singer NT
Schiefelbein, Jennifer
More Info
June 21, 2012Lee, MAPleasant St$99,000Bailey, Gordon Bragg, Teresa
Heaberlin, Martha
More Info
September 19, 2011Lee, MA39 W Center St$140,000Baisley, Darlene J Plaquet, Mark G More Info
July 29, 2011Lee, MA1670 Pleasant St$89,250Baldwin, Edward B Citimortgage Inc More Info
April 19, 2013Lee, MA365 West Rd$500,000Banga, Gurcharan S Sikora Bruce A Est
Serota, Stuart
More Info
September 30, 2015Lee, MA235 East St$44,048Bank Of America NA Perry, Mark W
Bank Of America NA
More Info
June 21, 2013Lee, MA75 Marble St$212,000Barbara J Kiddle RET
Kiddle, Barbara J
Maroni, Sheila T More Info
March 06, 2018Lee, MA880 East St #1A$182,500Barber, Philip J
Barber, Ann
Weiksnar-Caruso RT
Caruso, Jeffrey L
More Info
July 01, 2016Lee, MA16 Olive St$146,000Barnes, Shay A Schaffer, Norman E
Schaffer, Teresa J
More Info
November 07, 2014Lee, MA41-43 Robert St$140,000Barrett, Jason L Berkshire Fund Inc More Info
June 11, 2015Lee, MA361 Bradley St$215,000Barry, Sean P Braim, Janice A
Castegnaro, James A
More Info
April 24, 2013Lee, MA250 Fairview St$150,000Bartini, Lee A Bartini, Robert J
Bartini, Georgia J
More Info
March 27, 2019Lee, MA239 Fairview St$716,000Bartini, Robert J Yukon Ridge Property Mgmt More Info
November 30, 2017Lee, MA778 Greylock St$145,000Bartini, Tina M Santolin, Michael A More Info
October 01, 2012Lee, MA1175 North St$40,000Bartlett, Taylor Lepecier, Christine
Salvatore, Tammy
More Info
November 08, 2016Lee, MA68 Dublin Hl$160,000Baumbach, Lisa A Mcmeekin, Andrew
Mcmeekin, Kelsey H
More Info
August 13, 2015Lee, MA880 East St #6B$235,000Bazelle, Andrew R
Cavalcanti, Mario R
Susan B Coren T
Coren, Susan B
More Info
April 23, 2014Lee, MA387 Greylock St$178,000Beacco, John A Danko, Gary
Arnold, Milton E
More Info
October 09, 2015Lee, MA770 Summer St #1A$425,000Bear, David M
Hammer, Laurie P
Harris, David R
Harris, Merle W
More Info
November 03, 2017Lee, MA65 Richmond Ave$250,000Beckwith, Robert
Beckwith, Susan
Diane L Blum T
Blum, Diane L
More Info
August 15, 2017Lee, MA82 Prospect St$235,000Bell-Copper, Laura
Copper, Jennifer
Reiss, Juliana B More Info
December 20, 2010Lee, MA75 Paul Dr$272,400Bellaver, Lee M Sharry, Brian More Info
January 18, 2018Lee, MA35 Parkview Ter$116,000Benedict, John
Spitia, Angela
Tuller, Sylvia J
AS Pandia LLC
More Info
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