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DateCity, StateAddressPriceBuyersSellers 
January 30, 2012Lee, MA335 Forest St$385,000Business Investments LLC AJT RT
Touponce, Thomas E
More Info
July 03, 2012Lee, MA770 Summer St #9$200,000Bussard, David
Visudtibhan, Kanoknart
Enlighten Next Inc More Info
December 11, 2014Lee, MA880 East St #4D$235,000Buttacavoli, Carmella
Sullivan, Jeremiah J
Cohen, Anita B
Firestone, Marc P
More Info
June 10, 2016Lee, MA120 Laurel St$255,000Buttery, David
Buttery, Linda M
Hontas, Theresa B More Info
July 31, 2013Lee, MA550 East St$179,250Byrne, Christopher C
Byrne, Alisa W
Stolowitz, Margaret A More Info
July 29, 2016Lee, MA95 Prospect St$185,000Cable, Christopher G
Cable, Christina R
Ayars, Bryan More Info
January 30, 2014Lee, MA101 Fox Run$322,000Cardillo, Justin C Dede Berkshire NT
Levinson, Dede
More Info
April 02, 2018Lee, MA68 Canal St$200,000Carlino, Bryan Apple Loon LLC More Info
August 30, 2013Lee, MA560 Greylock St$375,000Carr, Gordon
Carr, Jennifer
Lewis, Daniel R More Info
November 07, 2013Lee, MA156 W Park St$2,475,000CDG Properties LLC W Park Terrace LLC More Info
March 31, 2017Lee, MA21 Franklin St$75,000Cernik, Dawn
Cernik, Richard E
Cernik, Dawn
Cernik, Larry D
More Info
October 10, 2017Lee, MA1 Chanterwood Rd$3,200,000Chanterwood NT
Landesman, Mark
Fitzpatrick, John A
Fitzpatrick, Jodene F
More Info
December 29, 2011Lee, MA1370 Pleasant St$120,000Chapel River Inc Roman Catholic Bishop Of More Info
July 31, 2014Lee, MA465 Chapel St$575,000Chapel St Apartments LLC AMC Property Management More Info
March 30, 2012Lee, MA24 Rose Ave$61,000Charlton, Kevin C Greylock FCU More Info
November 14, 2014Lee, MA82 Dublin Hl$70,000Charlton, Kevin C Curley, Francis L More Info
January 04, 2011Lee, MA140 Parkview Ter$275,000Chen, Changmiao Tyer, Thomas William More Info
September 17, 2015Lee, MA455 Spring St$320,000Chen, Zhong X
Chen, Shi W
Oheaney, Elizabeth A More Info
May 12, 2011Lee, MA115 Summer St$210,000Chiquoine, Timothy E
Chiquoine, Jody
Viale, Sheila
Baldisserotto, John
More Info
January 13, 2016Lee, MA87 Summer St$10,000Chiquoine, Timothy E
Chiquoine, Jody B
CML Berkshire Land LLC More Info
September 16, 2016Lee, MA186 High St$215,000Christinat-Castillo, J L
Castillo, Nelson
William&Susanna Clarke LT
Tenreiro, Ann T
More Info
March 17, 2016Lee, MA575 Mallard Ln #13$650,000Chung, Suzanne Lee Homer LLC More Info
December 04, 2017Lee, MA10 Navin Hts$185,000Cicarelli, Mary A
Cicarelli, Frank
Cicarelli, Mary A
Mccarthy, Patrick A
More Info
May 25, 2017Lee, MA1250 Pleasant St$175,000Clark, Rodney F
Clark, Christine
Ford, Richard S
Ford, Rose M
More Info
March 25, 2013Lee, MA85 Summer St$177,000Clear Sky LLC Plourde, Patricia A More Info
July 11, 2011Lee, MA176 High St$256,000Clinton, Nahoma Hawley, Barrymore C
Hawley, Adele R
More Info
October 22, 2015Lee, MA880 East St #15C$200,000Clough, David G
Levine, Andrea E
Bernstein Sidney B Est
Bernstein, Richard
More Info
September 27, 2013Lee, MA770 Summer St #7B$512,500Clyman, Robert
Clyman, Judith
Bialek, Ann More Info
October 13, 2017Lee, MA560 Greylock St$385,000Cohen, Joshua P Carr, Gordon More Info
April 11, 2014Lee, MA30 High St$269,900Cohen, Robert B
Salkin, Ellyn A
Laura Frank Palmer NT
Frank, Laura B
More Info
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