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DateCity, StateAddressPriceBuyersSellers 
December 29, 2015Lee, MA880 East St #600B$131,000Doran, Maura Hantman, Peter
Hantman, Rita
More Info
April 21, 2016Lee, MA371 Washington Mountain Rd$220,000Dragonetti, Danielle L Carty, Matthew P
Carty, Robert M
More Info
January 25, 2019Lee, MA45 W Pine St$30,000Drake, Gerald E Poklad, Jan More Info
September 06, 2013Lee, MA255 Washington Mountain Rd$200,000Driscoll, Randal V
Driscoll, Kristie A
Carty, Robert M
Carty, Jessica M
More Info
September 06, 2013Lee, MA255 Washington Mountain Rd$200,000Driscoll, Randal V
Driscoll, Kristie A
Carty, Robert M
Carty, Jessica M
More Info
September 23, 2016Lee, MA340 Pleasant St$173,000Driscoll, Richard S Gaughan RT
Gaughan, Christopher L
More Info
September 18, 2012Lee, MA45 Water St$125,000Drucker, Richard R Bush, Todd M
Bush, Jason J
More Info
July 17, 2015Lee, MA270 Theresa Ter$230,000Dulin, Brian J
Dulin, Alicia J
Barbara M Powers FT
Furtek, Kathleen
More Info
August 10, 2011Lee, MA70 Via Bondi$98,750Dundas, Brian
Dundas, Traci
Burns, Sean P
Burns, M Susan
More Info
January 13, 2011Lee, MA260 Center St$40,000Dupont, Robert Belanger, David E
Williams-belanger, Marian
More Info
September 25, 2017Lee, MA85 Birch St$198,000Durfee, Leslee M
Sedelow, Gregory S
Maynes, Diane M More Info
November 07, 2014Lee, MA850 Summer St #6$340,000Dus, Daniel R Enlightennext Inc More Info
October 26, 2018Lee, MAMoose Dr #8$60,000Dvorak, Vaclav Moose Drive LLC More Info
December 27, 2017Lee, MA73 W Center St$700,000Eagle Mill Redevelopment Eagle Mill Enterprises More Info
August 06, 2014Lee, MA9 Chanterwood Rd$260,000Economou, John
Economou, B L
Loeb, Martin
Loeb, Harriet
More Info
July 22, 2016Lee, MA28 Lana Ave$174,900Eisenberg, David Shaw, Bernard J
Shaw, Judith R
More Info
December 30, 2014Lee, MA850 Summer St #M6$192,000Eisler Family RE LLC Enlightennext Inc More Info
August 11, 2015Lee, MA850 Summer St #M-6$212,508Eisler Family RE LLC Clark, Eileen J More Info
May 15, 2013Lee, MA770 Summer St #5$210,000Eisler, Howard Enlightennext Inc More Info
September 20, 2018Lee, MA335 Church St$472,500Elaine W Patterson RET
Patterson, Elaine W
Jerome Zinn 2017 IRT
Zinn, Holly
More Info
May 23, 2016Lee, MA175 Leisure Lee Rd$197,500Ellison, David
Ellison, Minna
Kochen, Neil D More Info
December 20, 2011Lee, MA64 Saint James Ave$159,000Ely, Carrie J Kohlenberger, Richard A
Kohlenberger, Georgette M
More Info
July 16, 2018Lee, MA230 High St$170,000Ely, Carrie J
Swift, Thomas J
Wu, Ngor M More Info
March 31, 2016Lee, MA405 Fairview St$128,000Emerald City Rentals LLC Bianco, James J
Greylock FCU
More Info
May 01, 2015Lee, MA615 Laurel St$585,000Erinterrafirma LLC TD Bank NA More Info
August 31, 2018Lee, MA445 East St$261,100Fabiano, Ruda
Fabiano, Amber
Forrest NT
Forrest, David C
More Info
May 02, 2016Lee, MA54 Housatonic St$185,000Face, Paul H
Face, Dawn R
Pollard, Judith M
Pollard, James C
More Info
September 11, 2017Lee, MA1590 Pleasant St$113,000Faggioni, Cindy L
Faggioni, Paul A
Thompson, Joanne R More Info
December 14, 2018Lee, MA65 Saint James Ave$235,000Failla, Robert V Impoco FT
Impoco, George J
More Info
March 29, 2011Lee, MA50 Lander Rd$52,000Farina, Michael J
Farina, Todd A
Page, Deanna L More Info
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