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DateCity, StateAddressPriceBuyersSellers 
September 07, 2018Lee, MA880 East St #20D$278,000Fisher, William T
Gordon, Lynn T
Turtz, Judith E More Info
February 08, 2016Lee, MA25 Valentine Ln$325,000Fleck, Sharon A Talar, Maciej P More Info
May 26, 2017Lee, MA770 Summer St #13A$449,000Florence S Braun RET
Gray, Deborah A
Schott, Rudy
Schott, Elaine J
More Info
September 14, 2012Lee, MA45 Davis St$205,045FNMA Alden, Suzanne T
More Info
December 24, 2014Lee, MA305 Laurel St$231,793FNMA Oneil, Dolores A
Oneil, Todd F
More Info
February 24, 2015Lee, MA15 Summer St$206,820FNMA Winston, Padraic J
Green Tree Servicing LLC
More Info
June 02, 2016Lee, MA200 Golden Hill Rd$85,000FNMA Brazee, Marie E
James B Nutter&Co
More Info
September 06, 2017Lee, MA1060 Cape St$235,837FNMA Yagoda, Harold
Yagoda, Susan
More Info
October 03, 2017Lee, MA175 High St$75,000FNMA Mechek, Larry D
PHH Mortgage Corp
More Info
August 23, 2018Lee, MA220 Antelope Dr$129,000FNMA Simmons, Robert V
Berkshire Bank
More Info
February 10, 2011Lee, MA50 Saint James Ave$220,000Folkers, Catherine E Polakoff FT
Polakoff, Judyth
More Info
April 04, 2011Lee, MA48 Rose Ave$128,000Forfa, Edward A Sangar, Sunil
Sangar, Anita
More Info
March 06, 2013Lee, MA87 Stockbridge Ter$750,000Frankel FT
Frankel, Michael G
Stockbridge Terrace LLC More Info
April 11, 2017Lee, MA21 Bramble Ln$383,000Frankel, Gail Weitzen, Sherry
Weitzen, Laurie
More Info
January 24, 2018Lee, MA880 East St #15D$240,000Frawley, James S
Barnett-Frawley, Mary S
Rothman, Robert A
Rothman, Miriam B
More Info
April 30, 2012Lee, MA770 Summer St #1D$520,000Friedman, Mark
Friedman, Ellen
Lakeweb RT
Weber, Stephen R
More Info
February 04, 2014Lee, MA230 Church St$115,000FRJF NT
Chittenden, Rita M
James A Williams RET
Williams, James A
More Info
September 27, 2013Lee, MA450 Devon Rd$336,100Fry, Edward J Pascucci Aldo V Est
Mitchell, Michele
More Info
May 21, 2014Lee, MA775 Tyringham Rd$85,000Galabov, Lachezar
Galabova, Amelia
Greylock FCU More Info
January 03, 2011Lee, MA60 Prospect St$225,000Gale, Derek Otoole, Charles C
Otoole, Claire K
More Info
November 25, 2013Lee, MA131 West Rd$305,000Gangell, Brittany
Cumming, Chad R
Olds, Ralph W
Olds, Susan J
More Info
February 29, 2016Lee, MA20 Sturgis Ave$195,000Gangell, Jenna M Wordon, Richard W More Info
November 08, 2011Lee, MA880 East St #D$178,000Garofolo, Alfred J
Garofolo, Kathleen A
Cohen, Barbara A More Info
December 05, 2017Lee, MA525 Woodland Rd$85,000Garrity, Thomas R
Garrity, Barbara L
Crowell, Jerrold S More Info
September 19, 2016Lee, MA355 Forest St$150,000Gattasso, Bryan Bossidy, Gerald M More Info
September 19, 2016Lee, MA305 Chanter Rd$150,000Gattasso, Bryan Bossidy, Gerald M More Info
July 03, 2012Lee, MA980 Pleasant St$900,000Genesis Of Lee Inc Trustworthy Inc More Info
January 11, 2018Lee, MA85 Maple St$330,000Gerard&S B Fogarty RET
Fogarty, Gerard
Doscher, Tildabeth More Info
July 31, 2015Lee, MA225 Prospect St$235,000Gervasi, Michael Boynton Corinne D Est
Snow, Debra A
More Info
October 29, 2018Lee, MA215 Devon Rd$520,000Ginsberg, Robert D Vanzandt, Michael J More Info
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