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DateCity, StateAddressPriceBuyersSellers 
July 03, 2012Lee, MA980 Pleasant St$900,000Genesis Of Lee Inc Trustworthy Inc More Info
January 11, 2018Lee, MA85 Maple St$330,000Gerard&S B Fogarty RET
Fogarty, Gerard
Doscher, Tildabeth More Info
July 31, 2015Lee, MA225 Prospect St$235,000Gervasi, Michael Boynton Corinne D Est
Snow, Debra A
More Info
October 31, 2016Lee, MA215 Antelope Dr$110,000Gluck, Jason
Gluck, Henry
Albert S Kitay NT
Kitay, Albert S
More Info
June 05, 2014Lee, MA22 Stockbridge Ter #1A$806,780Gold Lee LLC Stockbridge Terrace LLC More Info
June 30, 2015Lee, MA475 East St$275,500Golden Hill Props LLC Greater Grace Church More Info
March 17, 2017Lee, MA2 Teal Rd$635,000Goldstein, Brian D
Goldstein, Arza S
Beer, Ronni More Info
August 01, 2012Lee, MA850 Summer St #8$285,000Gordon, Naomi
Gordon, Andrew A
Enlightennext Inc More Info
August 29, 2012Lee, MA880 East St #500E$280,000Gordon, Wendy
Gordon, Keith
Kogan October Mountain NT
Kogan, Joseph
More Info
October 12, 2012Lee, MA85 Paul Dr$260,000Gore, Richard E
Gore, Kelly J
Corner, Nancy More Info
August 20, 2014Lee, MA50 Stockbridge Rd$570,000Gore, Richard E
Gore, Barbara D
Singh, Jaswinder
Kaur, Sandeep
More Info
October 19, 2017Lee, MA45 Church St$417,500Gore, Richard E
Gore, Kelly J
Karl, George H
Karl, Laura P
More Info
June 29, 2017Lee, MA200 Golden Hill Rd$42,500Gormley, Damian FNMA More Info
July 22, 2016Lee, MA58 Tabar Ave$145,000Govoni, Melissa A Stringer, Victor J
Stringer, Diana M
More Info
October 11, 2017Lee, MA600 Greylock St$532,500Grassy, Eliza J
Grassy, Darby
Bergner, Robert
Bergner, Judith L
More Info
October 21, 2013Lee, MA1010 Pleasant St$40,000Great Barrington Sunoco Highfield RT
Lahey, Edward M
More Info
October 21, 2013Lee, MA940 Pleasant St$310,000Great Barrington Sunoco Consolati, Frank A
Brittain, Judith M
More Info
April 26, 2018Lee, MA104 Orchard St$122,000Greenberg, Barbara L Grande, Frank J More Info
August 24, 2015Lee, MA34 School St$122,000Greene, Robin Kersey, Matthew More Info
October 14, 2011Lee, MA100 Franklin St$330,000Gregg, Linda J Hodgkins, Christopher More Info
July 18, 2016Lee, MA300 Chestnut St$675,000Grenell, Barbara FIK LLC More Info
March 30, 2012Lee, MA41 Robert St$139,162Greylock FCU Tyer, Deborah A More Info
August 16, 2012Lee, MA60 Dublin Hl$60,000Greylock FCU Flint, Richard C
Greylock FCU
More Info
August 13, 2013Lee, MA775 Tyringham Rd$175,000Greylock FCU Knudsen, Eric H
Knudsen, Constance P
More Info
September 05, 2013Lee, MA290 East St$145,000Greylock FCU
Briggs, Gail A
Decker, David
Greylock FCU
More Info
September 05, 2013Lee, MA290 East St$145,000Greylock FCU
Briggs, Gail A
Decker, David
Greylock FCU
More Info
February 16, 2018Lee, MA65 Via Maria$280,000Griffin, Jeremy S
Pelfrey, Ashley K
Scrimo, Jeffrey T
Scrimo, Brandyn D
More Info
August 05, 2011Lee, MA57 Stockbridge Ter$825,000Grossman, Patricia L Beckwith, James S
Becckwith, Jennifer S
More Info
March 04, 2013Lee, MA35 Richmond Ave$250,000Guenther, James M
Guenther, Martha J
Downing, Francis X
Downing, Carol J
More Info
February 27, 2018Lee, MA175 High St$85,000Guerino, Teresa
Guerino, Frank
FNMA More Info
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