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Hoosac Valley Kindergarteners on 'How to Cook a Turkey'
Community Submission,
11:24AM / Thursday, November 25, 2021
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ADAMS, Mass. — There are many ways to cook a turkey, and the kindergarten classes at Hoosac Valley Elementary School annually send iBerkshires their own ideas on how much turkeys weigh, who cooks them and how long it takes, along with their own somewhat exotic recipes. 
Their Thanksgiving recipes are always amusing and sometimes enlightening, particularly the choices of stuffing, but we must strongly caution against following any of their directions as a matter of public health. Please note, these recipes are only for your reading pleasure. Happy Thanksgiving!
Teacher Robin Poirot started this fun project some years ago so we start off with what her kindergarten class had to say about turkey day. 

Robin Poirot's Class

Helena Nocher

Our turkey will probably weigh about 200 ounces. Dad and I would probably stuff our turkey with
cheeseburgers with lettuce. I would put a little salt and pepper on top and then put it in the oven. Dad would cook it for 5 hours at 5 warm degrees. When it is done, we will take it out and cool it down and then cut it up and eat it with my whole family. Yum!

Jace Fontaine-Brazeau

We will buy our turkey at the supermarket. It is going to be about 6,000 pounds. My mom, dad and brother John will help me carry it into the house. First, I will put some steak pepper on top of it and then I'll stuff it with even more pepper, hot wings and some gummy bears. Then I'll put a cherry on top. It will need to be in the oven for about 3000 degrees for 20 minutes and 60 seconds. I love Mommy and Daddy!

Mila Kaye Hopkins

Our turkey from the store will be about 8 inches long. The first thing to do when you cook it is to melt butter and put it all over the top. It takes about 18 minutes at 5 hot degrees. We will stuff it with corn because that is my favorite! My family will eat it all up with me. It will melt in our mouths when we eat it.

Carson Alibozek

Our Thanksgiving turkey will come from a store. I'm not sure which one we will get, but I know it will be big. I'll bet it will be as big as my dog, Gretchen. She is like a big turkey anyway. When you cook it, put some spice on it and put it at 100 degrees for a pretty long time. Stuff it with lots of mashed potatoes. It is going to be like we are having a Thanksgiving party!

Emma Grace Poirot

I know my Grampa will probably hunt for it. You have to get those feathers off of it first before you eat it. You know that right? I LOVE turkey, especially the meat part. I will eat it all up! First, we will put some stuffing and a little pizza sauce inside and cook it for about 20 seconds at 54 degrees. Hey! That's weird. I just thought of something. I said 54 degrees, and we have been in school for 54 days so far! That's silly!

Aria Larabee

My Nana will buy the turkey at the Adams Hometown Market. They have good meat there. After she takes it out of the car and brings it in the house, she will stuff it with chicken. Then it's time to put it in the oven. I would say it needs to be in there for about 33 hours at 100 degrees. When it beeps it will be ready. Don't forget to eat it with the yummy red stuff! I kind of like the red stuff!

Jacob Wendling Jr.

When we buy our turkey it will be as big as a black bear. Before you cook it, you have to cut it up in little pieces and put it in a pan. Then I would take a spoon and fill it with ice cream and put it in to cook for 100million degrees for 100 minutes. When it is done, I will eat it with lots of corn.

Caleb Ziter

When Mom gets it at the store it will probably be as big as a loaf of bread. When we cook it, we will stuff ours with delicious fruit like grapes and watermelon. Just keep it in the oven for one whole minute for just a "little bit" hot. My family will eat the whole thing together. I love them.

Weston Lic

My mom and dad might go hunting in the woods for our turkey. When they get it, it will come up about this high (pointing to his chest). It will weigh about 50 pounds. Did you know that when you put it in the oven and cook it, it comes out without the head and feathers? I like the
fat part best because it gives the meat flavor. It will be chewy if you cook it for about 4 minutes at 10 degrees.

Wyatt Phillips

Mom sometimes goes to Walmart but we usually get our turkey right out of the freezer. Just take it out, warm it up at 6 degrees for a couple of hours. If I could stuff it with anything, it would be watermelon, lots of watermelon! I really like Thanksgiving!

Henry Poplaski

My dad will hunt for our turkey in the woods. I'm sure he will get a really big one! After he gets it, we would get it ready by stuffing it with lots of mashed potatoes and french fries too! Just cook it for 10 minutes for about 2 degrees. If you pour some cauliflower soup all over the top it will taste delicious!

Jesslynn Boomsma- Alvarez

When you need your turkey, just go to the Thanksgiving section in Walmart and you will see all the turkeys there. Just look around and get one! When we cook ours, we don't put spicy stuff on top or it will burn our tongues. We will put lettuce and tomatoes on top. We don't stuff ours either. It will just stay empty. Mommy will cook it for 15 degrees for 20 minutes. Take it out and let it cool. After it cools down, spray it with candy spray. It will be so good.

Chloe Perras

I will have Thanksgiving dinner with my family at my house. I don't know where we will get our turkey. Maybe it will be small like an orange or big like a watermelon. I don't know. We will stuff it with pizza rolls and then put a giant watermelon on top and put it in the oven for 100 minutes at "super-duper hot". When it comes out, we will eat it with corn dogs and mac and cheese! Happy Thanksgiving!


Lucas Trumble

Uncle Bud will hunt for our turkey in the woods and bring it to us. He will say, "Here you go!" We will be happy to take that turkey. First, we will stuff it with mac and cheese and put some chicken wings all around the side of the turkey. After we shake on some spicy red salt, my Nonny will cook it at 10 degrees for 10 minutes.

Berkley Biros

My dad will hunt for our turkey and bring it to my Gram. Then Mommy will take off all of the feathers and stuff the turkey with strawberry ice cream. She will cook it on top of the stove at "medium hot" so the ice cream won't melt. When it is done, we will eat it with cucumbers, mashed potatoes and corn. It will taste nice and sweet!

Jillian Tietgens' class


We go to the woods, and it's like a hike and you look for things. One day you see one when it's almost Thanksgiving and you can run out the door and get it. It's about 14 quarters.
We get a cutter and cut off its body and then we put it in the oven and cook on really hot for an hour. We put on things to make it cook better like powder and stuff. We also eat stuffing, mashed potatoes, and carrots. My favorite part is when we eat together.


We go to the farm. We pick it out at the tree. It's as big as me. We cook it in the microwave and it is hot hot. We cook it for 2 hours. The bones are inside and we cut it with the knife.
We eat eggplant too. I like to eat turkey.


We get our turkey at the store. I look at them to see which one looks good. It is the size of a basketball. I put it in a big giant pan and put it in the microwave. I cook it super hot for 20 minutes. I stuff it with hot sauce. I also eat stuffing, corn, and also bread. My favorite is the turkey but I might eat it with hot sauce because I have hot sauce at my home.


I love turkey. I go to the grocery store to get it because it's so yummy. It's so big it's like giant. It is bigger than me. It almost touches the sky. We cook it in the oven I think. It's so hot. We cook it for like a long time I think. We stuff it with cookies. We also eat grapes and maybe strawberries and cake. I like to make cookies and milk for Santa and leave carrots because I think he likes carrots.


I get my turkey from the store. It is about as big as a basketball. I cook it in the oven at a little bit hot for like 10 minutes. We stuff it with stuffing. My daddy used to put the chicken in the oven and sprinkle it with salt and pepper. Sometimes we eat sausage with it. I like to play outside on
Thanksgiving and play hide and seek.


We go to a farm to get the turkey. We also see other animals at the farm. It's about as big as a chicken. We cook it in the oven on hot for 60 days. We put crackers on it and stuff it with candy. We eat waffles and blueberries and bananas and apples too. My favorite part is eating strawberries.


We go to the farm and we get our turkey and we have to look in the woods. Once we get it we cook it. We put it in the microwave at warm for 41 minutes, but you can even cook it for 51 or 101 minutes. We stuff it with stuffing and then you get to eat it. We also eat stuffing and for dessert, you get pumpkin pie or ice cream. I like the turkey, and me and my daddy go around town to see part of our family.


We get it hunting and we are really quiet. We wear a jacket then we cook it. We cook it in a pot at hot for 5 minutes. We cut it with a knife and eat pumpkin pie. One thing I know is my friends are coming to my house for Thanksgiving


We get our turkey from the store. We cook it in the oven really hot for 10 seconds. We stuff it with ham. We also eat soup.


We go to the store and pick it up and put it in the car. It is maybe like twice the size of my head. Maybe like cook it rare like its special. We cook it at 7 degrees for maybe like 1 hour or a half an hour. We put oil and stuff on it and stuff it with stuffing. We eat bread and stuff and dessert which is whipped cream and vanilla ice cream and chocolate. My favorite part is watching the movies like cartoons. I like Paw Patrol.


I get my turkey from the store, and it is the size of a snake. I walk or drive to the store and take a cart. I cook it in the oven for 10 minutes on hot. I stuff it with candy. Yummy! I also eat stuffing and cranberry sauce and potatoes and a cup of water and that's it. My favorite part is the cranberry sauce. I love to eat pie.


I always get it from Walmart because it says Thanksgiving on it. I cook it in the oven at 2 for like 5 minutes. I stuff it with ketchup and barbeque sauce. Barbeque sauce is so good because I like it. I eat stuffing, and I eat cranberry and carrots. My favorite part is my mom always gives me toys for Thanksgiving because she likes giving us toys.


We get our turkey at the store. You put it in the oven and heat it up and then eat it. We cook it at 63 for like 6 minutes. We stuff it with stuffing. We also eat stuffing and pumpkin pie. My favorite
part is eating the stuffing.


We get our turkey from the farm, maybe at least that's where we get our turkey. We slice it and put it in the oven at 20 for 20 minutes. We stuff it with stuffing. We also eat pumpkin pie, chocolate pudding, and pancakes.


We get our turkey from the supermarket. We cook it with salt at 55 for 80 seconds. We stuff it with stuffing. We eat peppers with our turkey.


We get our turkey from the farm. It's the same size as a chicken. We cook it on the stove on hot for 60 minutes. We don't stuff it because I don't like stuff in my turkey. We also eat stuffing. My favorite part is eating with my family.

Sarah Leidhold's Class

Zoey P.

First, you get the turkey at the store. You need to cook it for 1 minute and 2 degrees. Make sure you stuff it with ALL the food. On the side, you can eat lemons and gravy and brussels sprouts. Oh, and eggplant.

Kai M. L. 

You gotta buy the turkey from the supermarket. First, you cut it a little. Then, put it in a pan. It should be in the oven for 16 and a half minutes. Turn it to 6 or 7 degrees. You should stuff it with lots of stuffing. Then eat it with toast and butter.

Zachary R. 

Actually, you cook the turkey at 1,000 degrees for 59 minutes in the oven. Make sure you eat it with cookies and cupcakes. That's it.

Joey M.

Get the turkey at the Dollar Store. Then you put it in your hand and trace it. You cook it for two minutes and it's done.

Lincoln P. 

So you go to the farm and get a turkey. You should cook it in the oven for about 15 hours. Then you can serve it with hot cranberry soup.

Mason D. 

You take the legs off and you cook it in a hot oven! Then eat it!

Ethan C.

You gotta get the turkey at the grocery store where you buy stuff. Cook it really hot in 90 degrees for 60 hours. You can stuff it with candy but keep it a secret. I think you should eat it with lots of chocolate.

Walter O.B. 

You can get a turkey from Walmart. Then you stuff it with watermelon and cook it for two minutes. You can eat it with a side of strawberries.

Jacob L.

I get turkey from my mom. Put it in the oven. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10. Happy Thanksgiving! 

Brianna M.

Get a turkey from the market. Put stuffing inside and put it in the oven. It needs 20 minutes. Eat it with mashed potatoes.

Hannah C.

Go to the grocery store for a turkey. Bake it for 10 hours at 100,000,000,000 degrees. Yum! 


You can get a turkey in the classroom. Boil it and stuff it with skin. Just eat the turkey! 

Oliviah S.

Get the turkey from the ground. You put the meat on the turkey and then it runs away. Get it hot in the oven, like 7 degrees. Keep the turkey inside for 20 hours. You need to stuff it with chicken. Eat it with lots of gravy.

Aurora C. 

You gotta drive to the farm and pick a turkey. Then stuff chicken inside and get it right in the oven. Wait 20 minutes and then take it out. You can eat it with a side of chicken nuggets! 

Sophia S.

Okay go to the store, maybe Walmart, to get a big turkey. Bake it in the oven for 10 minutes with 2 degrees. You gotta stuff it with chicken. Get some chicken nuggets to put on the side. 

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